movingimage CorporateTube

What's CorporateTube?

movingimage CorporateTube is a secure, web-based video portal for company employees. Use it to create, watch, share, and rate corporate video content on any device or web browser. The portal boasts fast uploads, high-quality conversion, and exceptional security standards.

Main Features

CorporateTube is a one-size-fits-all video portal, designed to perfect any enterprise video experience. Among its main features are:

  • HTML5-based portal with custom design
  • Any modern device & web browser
  • Metadata & statistics
  • eCDN and CDN delivery
  • Interactive collaboration features: upload, rating, comments

CorporateTube Workflow

CorporateTube’s video workflows are powered by the most advanced backend engine on the market.  They include a mobile application, metadata, subtitles, and adaptive bitrate streaming, to name just a few. Click on the link below to access movingimage CorporateTube:

CorporateTube Webinar

Always wanted your own YouTube-like enterprise video portal? Creating your own corporate video portal has never been easier! Learn more about it in the following webinar: