Sharing Videos easier

New Microsoft Outlook and PowerPoint Add-ins

New Microsoft Outlook add-in for the movingimage EVP lets users create screencasts or webcam videos, directly upload to the EVP and then publish and share via email – all without ever having to leave Outlook. New York, NY – June 13, 2017 – movingimage, the leading secure Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) provider, today announced new Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft PowerPoint add-ins for the movingimage EVP solution. With the new Microsoft Outlook add-in, users can quickly and easily create screencasts or videos using a webcam, then publish and share their videos via links in email – all from within Outlook. The Microsoft PowerPoint plug-in enables users to seamlessly integrate video into PowerPoint presentations on any device without having to store the video file on a hard drive. Videos are securely hosted and always available within the movingimage EVP running on Microsoft Azure. “The movingimage Microsoft Outlook add-in is the first Outlook video add-in of its kind in the market,” said Rainer Zugehoer, CEO of movingimage. “Both the Outlook and PowerPoint add-ins are designed to make it easier for people to integrate video into their daily workstreams, while providing the back-end security and management features of our secure Enterprise Video Platform.” The Microsoft Outlook add-in can be easily accessed by anyone with a movingimage EVP account. On the back end, the EVP has extensive ownership features and provides a high degree of security, including IP range, geoprotection and token protection. The EVP admin can set up different channels for user-generated content, assigning each a special security policy. Once the EVP security level has been set for a particular user channel, those security policies automatically apply when the end user utilizes the add-in features in Outlook. The Microsoft Outlook add-in makes it easy for users across the enterprise to personalize their communication with video. For example, a CEO can quickly and easily use the add-in to record a personal video message to share with employees – without having to leave the email application. Or a technical support representative can help a customer with step by step instructions by simply recording a quick screencast and sending it via email. The movingimage add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint makes it easier than ever to use videos in presentations. In the past, one of the limitations of integrating video into PowerPoint presentations has been the requirement to have a copy of the video sitting locally on the hard drive. With the PowerPoint add-in, video can be hosted in the movingimage EVP with all of its enterprise-level security features. Unlike a similar add-in for YouTube, which gives the YouTube platform the rights to your video, movingimage’s enterprise platform ensures that the video owner retains all rights and protections. For those companies that require an extra layer of protection, videos can specifically be hosted in Microsoft Azure European data centers that are subject to European data protection regulations. »Learn more about how to incorporate video into Microsoft Office with our Webinar: In our webinar Sebastian Picklum (Product Vision Owner) and Christin Löhr (Chief Product Owner) shed light on our latest Outlook & PowerPoint video integrations. These groundbreaking add-ins are set to reshape your digital workplace; for secure, faster and more cost efficient communication with a personal edge.