Meet Our Experts: Kevin Kaminski, Product Owner

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CorporateTube expert, Kevin Kaminski
In our new series, Meet Our Experts, we introduce some of the talented people behind the movingimage Enterprise Video Platform. Get to know them and see the platform through their eyes. Today we will discuss our secure video portal, CorporateTube, its use cases, security features, possible customizations and the next steps for the product.

Meet our CorporateTube expert: Kevin Kaminski

In this episode, we are discussing movingimage’s CorporateTube with Kevin Kaminski, product owner at movingimage, who’s in charge of the product’s development and overall maintenance.

Tell me about CorporateTube

CorporateTube is a video platform for your company. People will probably understand it better if I use the term video gallery, but it is definitely more than that. With CorporateTube we are trying to actively engage users to communicate with videos and use the medium video more. Video content within a CorporateTube doesn’t have to be official company videos, it can also be generated from employees for employees. User-generated content is an important part of the philosophy behind CorporateTube – all you have to do is upload a video, put it to the right topic, exchange about the content using rating and comments functionalities and share it with others.

What do companies use CorporateTube for?

CorporateTube can be seen as a ‘corporate YouTube.’ Companies use it for different purposes, but mainly to enhance their internal communication. It is often used as a social intranet platform to share videos between employees and with the whole company. CorporateTube can also be used to help onboard new colleagues, for training or even for e-learning. It facilitates the provision of workshop videos or tutorials to employees. In addition, it also works perfectly for external use cases, like the presentation of a company product or product portfolio, for instance.

Why use a ‘Corporate YouTube’ over Youtube itself?

The clue is in the term. You can connect CorporateTube easily with your company logins so only employees of your company can log-in and see the content. This is an important security aspect. Moreover, the technology CorporateTube uses covers even more security aspects which are very important for enterprise customers, such as SSL, geo-blocking, and token authentication. CorporateTube can also be fully customized so that it suits your corporate identity. It is a flexible solution that can be used as a standalone version, or, alternatively, it can be integrated into your company IT environment as an iFrame.

What customizations can be made to CorporateTube?

You can customize all kinds of things on CorporateTube. It starts with uploading specific header and logo images, or even favicons. You can define the colors for all elements such as buttons, menus, background, borders, etc. You can define which links and information you want to share in the footer section. Customization also means you can choose which URL (web domain) is used in order to access your CorporateTube video portal.

Mobile is becoming increasingly important for enterprise video. Is CorporateTube ready for this?

CorporateTube is fully optimized for mobile use. You can upload a video with your smartphone, select a channel, add metadata, and watch it directly moments later. With our mobile-optimized design, it is not only possible, but it is also very comfortable to use CorporateTube on your phone.

What is coming up next for CorporateTube?

We want to give users even more possibilities for administrative configurations for CorporateTube itself. In addition, AI is becoming a big topic which we are going to focus on in order to come up with new innovations. In general, we are continuing to add and improve features and functionalities so that you can present and share videos more easily and efficiently – everywhere.

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