Let’s Talk AI Technology

Companies are no longer using video only for marketing purposes, but also for internal communication and in-house training. This shift makes perfect sense: Everyone who owns a smartphone can record HD videos. Videos are a fast, efficient and personal way to transport a message. Computer vision will be the go-to tool to handle the increasing amount of data that is produced as a result of this.

We all use computer vision every day, most of the time without even realizing it. It’s made everyday activities like shopping, or passport controls, easier. It helps us to express ourselves and to keep us safe. But what exactly is computer vision and how does it influence the way we communicate with each other? How and what do computers actually see?

Christin Löhr, Chief Product Owner at movingimage, talked about Computer Vision and video trends at the Ada Lovelace Festival. We recorded her talk for you, so no excuse to miss it:

Learn more about Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and how this is related to video communication.