Storytelling With Video Intro

The concept of storytelling is regarded as a sort of communication magic. Companies tend to compress information into stories because it makes it easier for readers to understand and take information in.

The perfect medium to accommodate storytelling is video: People process images at a much faster pace than text, and videos can induce significantly stronger emotions than texts or even images.

To make the most out of video storytelling, companies need to pay attention to some key factors. movingimage, an expert when it comes to video use in companies and leading provider of the Secure Enterprise Video Platform, highlights five do’s and don’ts regarding successful storytelling with video:

1. Keep it simple

A good idea for a video story is much like a good joke. The idea should be jotted down in just a few words and the topic approached from an unexpected perspective. If you can’t describe your idea in five sentences or less, then it’s too complicated and you should drop it and try a new approach.

2. Focus on the message

A deciding factor in a simple video story is the core message. Trying to communicate several messages at once is not recommended. Instead, pick one main idea and focus on it.

3. Respect Viewers’ intelligence

Companies need to make sure not to confuse between „simple“ and „simple-minded“. Video stories must respect the viewer’s intelligence, otherwise, the content will not resonate with the viewers.

4. Remain credible

Regardless of whether a video story is staged or narrated as a documentary, companies shouldn’t skimp when it comes to budget. Lack of budget can lead to a lack of quality and thus credibility. When using documentary formats, protagonists shouldn’t be promoted to say things, otherwise, they won’t act and sound authentic.

5. Don’t use an image film

Video stories seem to be predestined for commercials. However, this format is not suitable for certain image films such as corporate portraits. Often the aim of such a video is to paint a holistic picture. A pointed escalation in terms of storytelling is difficult to reconcile with regard to this objective.

People love stories: it’s an anthropological constant. When done right, no other medium is as thrilling or successful at telling a company’s story as is video.

says Mark Schlossarek, Art Director of the movingimage film production team.

Watch the video below for three more tips on storytelling with video: