Computer Vision and Video Trends at #ada17

On October 19th-20th, Berlin hosted a very special event that was all about technology and women: The Ada Lovelace Festival .The festival was supported by movingimage: More than 250 international female IT professionals with over 70 speakers, met in Berlin in a true festival of tech know-how, inspiration, and networking. One of them was movingimage’s very own Chief Product Owner, Christin Löhr.

movingimage supports Ada Lovelace not only by attending the event but also by streaming it. „We have always been committed to increasing the proportion of women in technology professions. Everyone benefits because heterogeneous teams achieve better results. We know from experience that diversity promotes innovation: The more mixed the team is, the better the solutions are“ explains Erdal Ahlatci, CEO of movingimage.

Christin combined her interest in artificial intelligence with her position as Chief Product Owner at movingimage in an interview she gave to the Ada Lovelace Festival. Read her interview, where she discusses the increasing significance of video, AI, technology, and future-communication means!

Watch Christin’s Presentation