Enhanced Security:

When it comes to security, few concerns need to be addressed. For once, copyrights infringement. According to a report by Ogilvy and Tubular Labs, 725 of the top 1,000 videos on Facebook were ‘stolen re-uploads.’ Another concern is the increased demand for privacy: Corporate videos often contain sensitive personal or corporate information that requires special security measures to be taken. These videos cannot, for example, be hosted on the public internet for obvious reasons. Furthermore, every company that maintains business relationships with EU countries must comply with the GDPR. Otherwise, and in case of a breach, it’s subject to substantial fines. A secure EVP is a video repository that can store and deliver large video files securely. It offers a range of tailored and advanced security options to meet the various needs of different organization and to save each department exhaustive configuration efforts. One example of a sophisticated and useful element is Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC), which ensure that video content management follows internal compliance policies and is only accessible to the right people. The more departments there are using video within an organization, the more access controls are needed to distribute video content appropriately. The video delivery itself can be protected as well, using Geo Protection, IP Range Protection, and Referrer Protection.

Streaming Bottlenecks

Delivering video within the enterprise isn’t an easy task. Video files, which are relatively heavy, in conjunction with the intranet’s limited bandwidth, may result in extremely long buffering times and streaming bottlenecks. Due to the growing usage of video—1.9 billion Internet video users and 3 trillion minutes of video per month by 2021 according to Cisco—bandwidth optimization is becoming increasingly more significant for reliable connectivity. Companies allocate valuable resources to controlling the load and optimizing the network bandwidth: They need to adapt video quality to bandwidth & high latency, to manage surges in traffic during livestreaming events, to improve availability through CDNs, etc. An EVP draws on an Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) to perfectly accommodate Intranet video delivery. Among the available solutions are an integrated caching server network (Ramp Technologies) and a Peer-to-Peer solution (Hive Streaming). Other means to streamline video delivery include adaptive Streaming, a feature that empowers high-quality streaming by the video conversion of uploaded files into various formats. These formats are then used by the player to detect viewers’ bandwidth in real time and adjust the video quality correspondingly.

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