5 B2B Video Trends to Embrace in 2019

Below you will find five of the most talked-about B2B video trends for 2019. Learn more about trending video use cases here.

Live-streamed Video Conference-

Live-streamed video conferences have become one of the fastest-growing B2B video trends. Live-streamed conferences are considered especially effective when working in globally-dispersed teams, a common scenario in today’s workplace dynamics. Video conferences keep evolving and by now not only do they require fewer resources, but they also offer interactive features like chat and Q&A, as well as the ability to stream high-quality video exponentially. Once a live streaming session is over, it can be uploaded as VOD (Video on Demand) for later viewing.

AI Video Features-

AI is a booming trend that seems to justify the hype around it. 2019 will introduce new AI innovations to the video market, making it easier to both access existing videos and create new ones. Available AI video features already include video summaries, auto-generated subtitles, and text-to-speech, to name just a few. These features will most likely improve while AI beta features—like NLG (Natural Language Generator) and auto-editing—will continue to mature.
Eventually, video processes will become mostly or entirely automated and will allow content creators to focus on the content itself. Read more about it here.

Video as a Digital Workplace Asset-

The concept of “Digital Workplace” refers to digital processes that improve communication, collaboration, dissemination of knowledge, and all other business processes. Video is an asset to the digital workplace: It has proven itself to be effective for cutting travel costs, reducing training and onboarding time, and increasing productivity. These advantages are even more crucial in today’s workplace dynamics that manifest, among other things, in an increasingly mobile and distributed workforce.

Secure Videos- 

On May 25th, 2018, GDPR regulations finally came into force. As a result, in 2019 data protection will play a much more significant role in every organization’s business processes, including marketing and sales. Complying with GDPR is vital. Any business found not adhering to the standard is subject to heavy fines. Luckily, a sophisticated security mechanism is one of the core strengths of an EVP (Enterprise Video Platform), allowing it to easily comply with GDPR regulations. movingimage EVP, for example, offers comprehensive GDPR-compliant coverage, including internal and external processes. Read more about it here.

Optimized Enterprise Video Experience-

Streaming videos in Citrix environments has been a significant pain point for myriad corporations for a long time. To overcome it, they had to invest in expensive network upgrades. Today’s digital environment offers solutions that can overlay existing network infrastructure, reduce latency, and empower improved video playback. movingimage’s Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN), for example, consists of robust video proxy caches that deliver live and on-demand video content securely through a single distribution point to anyone within the enterprise, anywhere, on any device. Download movingimage’s eCDN flyer.

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About movingimage

movingimage is the leading providerof secure enterprise video platforms for international enterprises. In 2018 it was recognized as the Enterprise Video Platform with the “highest ability to execute” by the global research and advisory firm Gartner. movingimage is based in Berlin and has locations in Tokyo, New York, and San Francisco. The movingimage cloud-based solution empowers companies to manage their videos centrally and stream them in the highest quality available and on any device. The platform merges seamlessly with existing IT landscapes—including systems for content, digital asset, and product information management—while safeguarding impeccable security standards. More than 500 companies have already put their trust in movingimage, among which are 20 DAX-listed corporations such as Volkswagen, Allianz, and Bayer.