With more than 500,000 employees in hundreds of countries worldwide, plus a yearly revenue of billions of Euros, the subject of the following case study is an international logistics company which is uniquely positioned in the world’s growth markets. Its services include international express shipping, e-commerce, and supply chain management services, to name just a few. Like many other companies, it has embraced video communication as part of its overall communication strategy, both internally and externally. However, before collaborating with movingimage, its videos were mostly incorporated in news articles and press releases and didn’t meet their reach potential. Luckily, the company figured out how to harness innovation to realize its objectives. In the pursuit of an innovative and robust communication solution—one that could reshape its internal and external communication as well as expedite its decision-making processes—it turned to movingimage for help.

The Solution:

The logistics firm has been using movingimage EVP since 2012 to increase its reach, improve its visibility on internal and external platforms and enhance its overall communication potential. It has extended its usage over time to the following video use cases:

Corporate Learning:

Videos published on the company’s intranet video portal are part of the firm’s corporate learning strategy. Corporate learning videos can accommodate new hires during their onboarding period and serve as a powerful eLearning tool for long-term employees who wish to keep in the loop and acquire new skills. The portal’s “How-To” section, for instance, is a collection of screen capture videos that exemplify how to use different features on the company website or complete work-related processes step by step. It allows all employees, from Argentina to Zimbabwe, and from all business units, to share their corporate knowledge, help one another, and explore a variety of products, systems, and processes.

Corporate Tube:

The firm operates a multi-purpose YouTube-like video hub where co-workers can watch, upload, and share support videos of sorts. The portal is intuitive, easy to use, and includes features interactive features such as related videos, recommended videos, most recent videos, an SSO portal-integration, and a personal upload page. Following its launch and within six months, the portal has generated more than 100,000 views and a 20% monthly growth rate in average.

Branding and PR:

Branding and PR are among the firm’s main video use cases. The company has embedded environmental responsibility into its business operations and solutions offering through a special program. Videos help the brand to communicate its contribution and leave a lasting, emotional impression with its audience. These efforts seem to be paying off, with a growing number of recognitions and awards by environmental agencies and the media. Nowadays and along its business activity, it is recognized for environmental projects and green energy endeavors.

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